Requirements for Voters:

    • Mail to:  Swift County 审计师’s Office
                   Elections Department
                   PO Box 207
                   本森, MN 56215
    • Fax to:   320-843-2275   


Requirements for Uniformed & Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA):

  • Complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).
  • Mail, fax or email the completed form to our office at the address above.
  • Military personnel, their families, and citizens living outside the United States (including Canada and Mexico) may have application requests submitted by the voter, voter's parents, 配偶, 兄弟姐妹, or child over the age of 18 years.   
  • Additional voting information and resources for Americans living abroad can be found at Minnesota Overseas Voter Services


Absentee Ballot Status Lookup


If you have questions, please call 320-843-4069.